Does Addy Sell My Data?

No. Addy doesn't not sell your data. We could have a lengthy answer here, but the answer is simple: we don't sell your data. Ever.

How Does Addy Make Money?

When Addy doesn't sell your data, doesn't charge for in-app features, or have ads, it's a reasonable question to ask how we make our money. The truth is, we make money through the partnerships that we hope to form with other companies. In any business there is a product. Usually free services are selling their customer's data either directly or through ads, but Addy sells ease through integration. We don't sell to the user, we sell to the companies we partner with.

Who Can See My Contact Information?

Only people that you are mutually connected to can see your contact information either in their own decks or from the search function. If you are in the same system as someone, you can view their contact information by navigating to their profile from the system's page.

How Does Addy Use My Contact Information?

Addy NEVER sells your contact information. In reality, we don't gain a lot from knowing your contact information. We don't send you emails when you sign up for the app, we don't share your contact information, we only allow you to share that contact information with people you know.

Still got questions? Email us at support@addybook.app